Dynamic rich media component for ASP.Net Flash, Video and Audio controls for C# and VB.Net

ASPNetAudio for ASP.NET

The unique ASPNetAudio Component allows you to add sound to ASP.NET websites:

  • ASPNetAudio allows you to deliver background music, radio broadcasts, sound effects.
  • Compatible with regular MP3 files.
  • All script and XHTML markup created by ASPNetAudio is encrypted, creating a blanket of security over your audio files.
  • Comprehensive support is on call to guide you through every step of your trial and integration process, and will remain readily available throughout the life of this product.

ASP.Net MP3 Music & Sound Web Control

ASPNetAudio can work invisibly in the background - or you can build a completely custom user interface using ASPNetMedia Button and Playlist Controls (demo, tutorial) or with our JavaScript API.

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