Dynamic rich media component for ASP.Net Flash, Video and Audio controls for C# and VB.Net

Creating an Audio Player Interface

ASPNetAudio is a non visual control.  This allows the web-audio player it to be branded with a custom user interface. 

To use ASPNetAudio for purposes other than background music – you will need to create a user interface.


The Skinnable ASP.NET GUI Toolkit

Creating an Audio user interface is easily achieved using the ASPNetMedia.GUI control pack

The GUI  controls includes sinkable buttons and labels for control audio playback such as:

  • Play Button
  • Pause Button
  • Stop Button
  • Mute Button
  • Fast Forward button
  • Fast Reverse Button
  • Next Track Button
  • Previous Track Button
  • Media Labels to show properties such as Position & Duration

The GUI toolkit also includes a sinkable PlayList control.  This allows you to play multiple tracks though the same audio player – and fire events when videos change over.  PlayLists can run either at client or server side.


The JavaScript API

The ASPNetAudio JavaScript API can be used to create custom buttons by hand.  The JavaScript events also allow advanced features and applications to be implemented.

In addition the JavaScript API can also be used to trigger sounds effect when users interact with the web page.  It is best to add an instance of ASPNetAudio to the ASP.NET web-page specifically for the sound effects – so that they can run alongside other audio.